Thursday, March 12, 2015

“An’ if you stay right there, I’m sure you’ll see the Zulu Queen …”

(Lyrics from the Mardi Gras’ classic, "Go to the Mardi Gras," by Professor Longhair)

Well, I've made it to Day 3 of the jewelry challenge issued by my friend and fellow jewelry designer, Heidi Post of  Ex Post Facto Jewelry. [Of course, I do realize it's taken me numerous weeks just to get three entries completed and Mardi Gras is over. Oh, well...for those who know me, it's Classic Char, right?]

I am dedicating this day to my friend Angelique Theriot, who is a native of NOLA, an architectural historian, and at this minute, is driving across the Mohave Desert on a cross-country trek to her soon-to-be new home in San Francisco, CA. We miss her already!!!

Like many of us in the Crescent City, Angelique is a lover of all things Mardi Gras and an avid attendee at parades; however, she really goes that extra mile at Mardi Gras in terms of attire. 
Angelique wearing a Queen of Wands tarot card inspired costume.

Angelique makes the most spectacular ensembles, sometimes planning months in advance and researching historic costume design. For instance, one year she created a Death's Head Moth getup based on vintage ink and watercolor drawings; in this case, an illustration of a Mistick Krewe of Comus death's head moth costume from the 1873's Mardi Gras parade inspired her own garb.
from Tulane University's 
Louisiana Research Collection

Angelique (on left) as a Death's Head Moth
 (with her friend Ginger on the right). 
Queen of Wands and her beau, Chef Brent Trachina
The Queen of Wands with Isis (aka. Katie Gelfand)
Angelique aboard the U.S.S. Drag Queen Mary (this is my favorite)
Her ensemble for Mardi Gras 2015 was inspired by the lavish costumes used in Ziegfeld Follies, ca. 1907 to 1936.
Zeigfeld Girl 
Angelique's 2015 Mardi Gras Zeigfeld costume
Angelique's 2015 Zeigfeld costume
In the Quarter on Fat Tuesday
Not limited to Mardi Gras in her creativeness, Angelique designs fabulous costumes for other days that are celebrated in New Orleans like Mid Summer Mardi Gras and Krewe de Boo.
Mid-summer Mermaid
Perhaps one of the worst female serial killers of all time, the infamously vile Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed inspired Angelique's Halloween costume last year.
The Countess Bathory and Mowgli (aka. Brent)

As a farewell present, I designed a necklace for Angelique. To go with her vintage looks, the 1920's style pendant is suspended from a long chain with agate and turquoise beads and a tassel at the bottom.

Copper metal clay pendant with hand-faceted turquoise beads.
The photographs below of Angelique and Brent were taken recently by Aubrey Edwards, who uses often overlooked scenery to highlight her disparate subjects, which include musicians, performance artists, community activists, and even southern firework salesmen. (Angelique is wearing the necklace I made for her.)
Angelique and Brent as captured by Aubrey Edwards
We are going to miss you, boo (but I'll see you in April!).
Regardless of what she's wearing, Angelique always looks awesome! 
“And the third day seemed like a week again…” –Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin in 1979’s The Jerk)

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